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Our focus is on media for learning, and the transmedia learning revolution.



a lobbyist for hire frames an abolitionist


neXt Game

From Monopoly to World Game and our neXt game



Like humans, SQUID learn through trial and error.


Assen Assenov is an architect and urban designer (Master of Arch. in Urban Design, Harvard) with a passion for maps, geography and visual representation. More. . .

Assen Assenov

SQUID is a story about genetic engineering and a conspiracy to save our oceans. More…


Utopia was a bestseller in 1516 because readers thought the book described a real island called Utopia, newly discovered in the New World by a Portuguese seaman on one of Amerigo Vespucci’s expeditions. More…

Thomas More

Zann Gill works with Moody Studio on developing transmedia strategies for global problem-solving, such as earthDECKS, SQUID Ink, and Utopia 500. More…

Zann Gill

Alex Korolko, a cinematographer, animator, composer, musician, mixes left and right brain.  A former electrical and aeronautical engineer from the Ukraine, now a filmmaker. More…

Alex Korolko

Maps, from satellite base maps to story-telling and concept maps, serve as game boards for diverse problem-solving challenges. More…


Massimiliano Roda, a specialist in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), started developing models for smart cities at the University of Rome, La Sapienza. More…

Massimiliano Roda

Davina Jackson, a pioneer in Digital Cities, has served as Chair of the Venice Architecture Biennale Task Force and on the Board of Smart Light Festivals. More…

Davina Jackson

Our planet’s lifeline extends from climate change to biodiversity, from sea level rise to ocean health. More…

Our Planet's Lifeline

Seana McNamara works across data analysis, digital art, and information visualization. More…

Seana McNamara
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